Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Books MEME

I am responding to Parrot's MEME with a Israel/tour guide angle – as is expected of me by this point. Loyal readers (all 3 of you) who are interested, should feel free to take this list as suggested reading on Israel list – which is something I am often asked for.

One Book that changed your life
It has to be Exodus I am afraid (Leon Uris version not the God version) – despite the cliché. I read it aged 12 or so and it started my road to living Israel.

One Book you have read more than once
The Yad Ben Zvi 'Jerusalem - A Walk through Time' book. I use this all the time when I guide. Takes the effort out of the preparation but don’t tell anyone.

One Book you would want on a desert island
Yehuda Amichai – Poems of Love and Jerusalem.

One Book that made you laugh
I know it is not strictly Israel related – but ‘Are you Dave Gorman?’ is a laugh-out-loud book. Basically this guy ‘Dave Gorman’ makes a drunken bet with his flatmate that he can find 54 other people called Dave Gorman. He then proceeds to travel around the world to win his bet. (It is part of a whole genre of books I have that I call ‘drunken boy bets books’). My favourite part is when he comes to Israel because someone has sent him a page from the Tel Aviv phone book with five Dave Gormans listed. Sadly when he gets here he discovers one Dave Gorman with five phones!!!. Rak B’Yisrael. I schlepped naches however when he says that Israeli Dave Gorman was his favourite DG.

One Book that made you cry
Someone to Run With (Mishu L’rutz Ito) by David Grossman. A really great book that brings the Jerusalem streets alive. It’s a tale about two teenagers and a dog living in Jerusalem. Part drama, part mystery, part romance. I recommend it unreservedly. The movie has just come out for lazy non-readers.

One Book you wish had been written
My own book that I am planning about Jerusalem. I can’t give you any more details here, as I don’t want anyone to steal my idea.

One Book you wish had never been written
The Source by James Michener. It seems like a great concept but every time I try to read this book, I can never make it past the Crusades.

One Book you are currently reading
Amos Oz – A Tale of Love and Darkness. Riveting and compelling

One Book you’ve been meaning to read
I can’t believe I have never read this book and my credibility as an Israeli tour guide will be seriously damaged if anyone finds out – but I still haven’t read Herzl’s Altneu Land. I wonder if they make a Lett’s (Cliff’s) notes.

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