Thursday, July 06, 2006


DON'T MESS WITH PMS (I would have said PMT but S rhymes better)

There is no doubt in my mind that male tour guides have it easier than female ones. They don't have the bus driver power struggle to contend with. They are not patronised or flirted with by aging tourists. No one criticises them for dressing too casually or not wearing make up (It has happened to me more than once. I kid you not) and most of all...they never have to guide with raging PMT (PMS for my American readers).

Today was one of my worst days guiding ever. Everything that could go wrong did. And to cap it all I was in the midst of hormonally provoked emotional meltdown.

I knew there was still time for things to go wrong.

First I lost my guiding notes. Understand this about me - I am very organised and my notes are all carefully filed by geographic region. But tonight I couldn't find them. Of course I know the site well enough not to need them but they give me added security and tonight I was feeling more than averagely insecure.

Then on the way to meet the group I got caught in terrible traffic because the roads were all closed for the film festival so I was late to meet them.

What on earth did I do to deserve karma like this????
It must be because you aren't wearing make-up ;-)

If you need a guarantor .... Don't know if it will help?

As for the disadvantages of being a female tour guide - I am near certain that far less male tour guides are loved and adored just because they are attractive. (with the notable exception of a certain Oxford graduate - not claiming that he isn't a good tour guide and all).
my poor sweetheart. i think in karma terms you are up for something VERY good and soon!
not looking as good as I would like

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