Sunday, July 09, 2006



Things did improve since my last post. The group is going well and I just spent a very meaningful Shabbat with them. However now I have a different problem.

I have lost my voice.

Pretty much completely lost my voice

I open my mouth and a sort of whispery croak comes out.

It can’t even be called sexy – which is generally the one compensation you get when you lose your voice.

This is something of a problem for a tour guide who depends on…you know …speaking at loud volumes (or indeed at any volume). It would probably be comical if it wasn’t so annoying. I still have another four days of guiding with this group – and then another group arrives shortly after they leave.

Help! What does a tour guide do when they lose their voice?

Suggestions welcome in the comments box.

Hello from New Jersey,
I found your blog via Jerusalem Wanderings. I happen to be a Speech Pathologist. You wrote this blog almost a week ago and who knows when you will read my comment, but I will leave it all the same. Losing your voice is your bodies way of telling you that you have probably been abusing your larynx (voice box). This can result in just infrequent annoyance, as you have experienced by losing your voice, but it can possibly be a sign of something going on with your larynx, which is why I would advise you to see an Otolaryngologist to look at the condition of your larynx. Sometimes people who use their voices excessively, like singers or speakers or tour guides develop nodules on their vocal chords. Nodules are ok, but if they develop into polyps, that can be dangerous. So, to be safe you may want to see an ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat doctor is another name for that longer one) and then you may want to consult with a Speech Pathologist in order to learn how to use your voice in a kinder way.

Hope this helps. If you're interested, I too have a blog and I welcome you to check it out.

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