Sunday, April 09, 2006


What bracha do you say when you pump gas?

I work with a group of teenagers on a weekly basis. Along with various other things I try to give them a taste of real Israel. I managed this, this week quite by accident.

On our way to the cinematheque I stopped at the petrol station store to pick up something to eat (gas station for my American readers, tachanat delek for the Israelis). As we approached we noticed a large collection of people hanging around the store. Not sure what was going on we approached cautiously. Come in, come in, ushered a man. Still a little confused I took in the scene. A table set with food, a Rabbi. We had wandered into the Mezuzah ceremony at the new store. No store opening is complete without a Rabbi. How very Israel.

amazing :)
I remember scenes like that back in 1968, my first trip to Israel as a teenager on a trip called, The Bar Mitzvah Club.

Thanks, I enjoyed that. I plan to read more of your blog.
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