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Well I promised an update so here it is.

The trip went really well actually. I had a good time and the group was generally great. At the end of the trip, as well as giving me a generous trip, the group bought me an ipod nano – so I guess they must have liked me.

The trip leader was just as insane on the trip as before. She would pull me aside from time to time in the middle of my guiding to ask crucial questions like ‘What time will lunch be next Thursday’. She would always pull me aside from the rest of the group and assume an air of confidentiality even when asking the time.

My evaluations from the group were excellent. My favourite comment was ‘A was wonderful. I want to take her home to marry my son’. If only my skills as a tour guide did translate into girlfriend eligibility.

Several people also described me as patient. This always makes me laugh as both I and my blog readers know how far that is from the truth.

Anyway as soon as the group left the trip leader (who stayed a few extra days in Israel) sat down with my boss for three hours to complain about me. She kept saying how wonderful I was but… Apparently I felt ‘threatened’ by her knowledge and was inflexible when I didn’t do what she demanded. It really upset me until I remembered about the group evaluations and the tip and the ipod. Luckily my boss knows me and her and knows the truth of the matter.

This high maintenance group was in strong contrast to my next group who couldn’t have been more easy going. They never complained. Not once. Literally. I could hardly believe they were American Jews. They were from the mid-West however so perhaps that makes all the difference. I wonder what the next one will be like.


- her, as opposed to you for getting an Ipod
I bet the mid-westerners didn't buy you an iPod!
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