Wednesday, March 01, 2006


"On a clear Day"

I am currently in the middle of a rash of groups. Three in a row with no breaks. But it is all going well. I will post m0re comprehensively when I am back at my computer. However as I had a few minutes now I thought I would write about today's events.

Today we were on the Golan. Now every tour guide knows that 'on a clear day' you can see... But how elusive that clear day is. Today we went up to Mt. Bental on the Syrian border. Ordinarily you can see Old Kunitra, New Kunitra and on a clear day off to Damascus. This afternoon you couldn't even see your hands in front of your face. I stood there telling my group what they would be seeing if we weren't standing in the middle of a cloud.

More soon. I promise.
And more on how my trip with the crazy woman turned out.

Did it rain at all? We were stuck in Nachal Yitzpor (below the Gilboa) on Sunday when it started pouring...

The only thing that saved the day was telling the kids scary stories on the coach ride back to school.

What was the worst emergency/crazy situation you ever had on a tiyul?
Nice to have you back!
i recently had that 'clear day' as was able to see the dead sea from the mt scopus campus, but i suppose gloating isn't nice!

ps the bread will be made!
Great Question Jameel. I will think more about this question and post an answer soon.
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