Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I didn't know people could be this rude.

I take back everything I have ever said about difficult people on my trips. I have now met the Queen Bee of unpleasant people. Not really the Queen Bee actually – more like the wasp as she doesn’t die after she stings, she just keeps on stinging.

For some reason this woman took an instant dislike to me and didn’t bother to conceal her contempt. From the start she made it very clear that she wasn’t interested in any of guiding elements of the trip and that I certainly had nothing to teach her that she didn’t already know. She repeatedly and publicly criticized me, attacked me and questioned what I said. She interrupted me and spoke to me with open contempt in her voice.

Some examples:

To be fair I don’t think it was personal. She was similarly rude to many other people. She told one speaker (a woman doing a PhD in the history of women in Israel) that she [the speaker] was wrong and that she [mean woman] knew more about the subject. She irritated the rest of the group too, who were mostly lovely.

Around half way through the trip she simply stopped participating in anything – which was really fine with me. At the end I was looking forward to seeing what she had the gall to write in her evaluation form, but she denied me this pleasure. She refused to fill it in. Grrrrr.

Well that little outburst was very cathartic for me. I am feeling much better.

what a nightmare! well you dont have to live with that personality any more but she has got it for the rest of her life!
Its nice to have you back again!
Sounds like my french teacher from school. Was she short, dark haired very thin and had a pointy nose?

By the way - you were spot on about KKH!
Sorry to hear about this experience TG. Please don't let her get you down :)
Even though your comments about קול הנשמה were probably true, they could come off as offensive to secular Reform American Jews. Maybe, of course, but its not about whether its true but whether it will make these people happy. And certain activists may take it as criticism and thus offensive.
I didn't know about the dig! Ew. I'd have stuck the glazed pottery somewhere it would hurt her. But that's clearly why you're a tourguide and I'm not!
I'm wondering if this person has the following initials RAS from KRS who was leading a group here.
Thank you everyone for your kind supportive comments. You made me feel much better.

Anon - Not sure who you are thinking about but it was someone else.
I would have thrown her into a collumbarium in cave 112!!!
Oh dear. You should have given her - her very own "personal" walking tour. Then you could have walked for 10 hours or so, to give her some damn good sore feet.

I sometimes daven at Kol Haneshama. You're comment was right on. Nothing offensive there. Idiot Shmuck woman. If she's married - I pity her Hubby and kids....
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