Sunday, February 12, 2006


Driving me insane...and they haven't even arrived

I have a new group arriving this week and I already know it is going to be hell. Most groups are great, but now and then you get the really high maintenance ones and this is one of those. How do I know? The group hasn’t even arrived yet and here is a sample of some of the questions that I have already been asked.

“Someone is lending me a phone for the trip. Please could you go to their office and pick it up for me and bring it to the airport for the start of the trip”

Them: We need to bring gifts for the children in the hospital and the soldiers on the base that we are scheduled to meet. What should we bring?
Me: Whatever you want will be fine. For the kids toys are good. The soldiers will probably appreciate American chocolate.
Them: But what kind of toys. What types of chocolate? Be more specific.

“I have a bag of toothbrushes (about 50) which I can donate for the trip. Are we interested in using them for the soldiers and/or the children??. They are from the project I did with the dental school back in the late 70"s. They are fully wrapped and safe.” (This isn’t even paraphrased. It is a their words cut and paste from my e-mail)

“Please can you urgently send us a list of restaurant recommendations for when we are in Israel? I know that you promised that a list would be available on our arrival but we need it now urgently, a month before we arrive. We can’t wait”

You call that high maintenance??????? Try arranging a visa from Russia.
Clearly, Americans!
You survived - more than that - you rocked!

Darts is not a sport!!!
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