Saturday, December 24, 2005


Top Five Tacky

I have decided to respond to Parrots MEME with a tour guide twist.

I was with a group in the Old City on Friday and I spent some time in the Arab shuk so here is my top five funny, ironic or just plain tacky things you can buy in Jerusalem's Arab shuk. They amused my thereby giving me pleasure so that is my tenuous link. I hope you let me get away with it Parrot.

5. Armenian tile with the immortal phrase 'Shalom Y'all'

4. Visit Palestine poster. On sale in the Arab shuk - a reproduction of the Zionist Yishuv poster from the 1920s. The irony makes you reel.

3. Crown of Thorns

2. At the T-shirt shop where T-shirts with the slogan 'America don't worry...Israel is behind you' and the Israeli army logo hang alongside Ts with pictures of Yasser Arafat and the slogan 'Free Palestine'

1. Scary Jesus hologram where his eyes open and close as you walk past.

Of course you get away with it! Hilarious.

Memories of the Arab shuk - been far too long since I was there - thank you for brightening my day - I think I need to get one of those, "Israel is behind you" t-shirts.

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