Saturday, December 10, 2005


Salty Subject II

Speaking of the Dead Sea, I heard this story from a fellow guide who was on the trip, so it is not an urban myth. An American birthright group was down at the Dead Sea, and one couple on the trip floated away from the group in order to get more intimate with one another.

For the uninitiated it is not advisable to have sex in water with a salt content 10 times the normal sea level. It is true that this wasn't on the list of specific advice the tour guide gave - like don't get the water in your eyes, don't put your head under the water etc.

The two emerged from the sea in a hurry. The girl was screaming in pain. The medic on the group tried to relieve the pain, but despite lots of splashing of fresh water nothing was working. In this situation there was only one possible solution. Ice lollies. I will leave the rest to your imagination.


Very witty and most amusing! It seems that trips to Eilat are very good at inspiring funny stories. (JUst saw PPs post-Eilat blog).

Although I think the definition of an urban legend may well be a story which starts:

"I hear this from ..."

and has within it:

"So it is not an urban myth / it really did happen"

Urban myth or not - I cracked my sides.

In a number of ways.

I look forward to more!
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